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Unapologetic Tech

Yolanda is not just our founder or a trailblazer in immersive storytelling; her journey towards building Revere XR took birth in her myriad experiences.


Belonging to Seattle inspires her deep urge to revive its musical and cultural history, and on the other hand, being othered in many situations, including tech, motivates her to be her unapologetic best self as an inclusion architect and a tech entrepreneur.

Yolanda, at her TED talk, explores our audacious journey to rewrite history with the ink of technology, illuminating forgotten stories and hidden heroes.


What inspires us

Revere XR is seamlessly weaving community, cultural heritage, and futuristic technology.


The journey so far


Oculus Launchpad

At Revere XR (RVR) we create immersive storytelling experiences that documents, promotes, pays homage, preserves cultural history and celebrates cities and communities rich with history and stories.


We are consciously creating an opportunity for diverse & disenfranchised voices to own their stories in a new way and rewrite their history so that they decide how they preserve their history.




Learn more about our services...

City of Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell's welcome speech at Revere XR's first hackathon in February, 2023. He also congratulated our community elder, Cecil Beatty his 100th Birthday!


Awards & Recognition

The true value of immersive technology will be measured by the solutions it provides communities and humankind. XR has the greatest opportunity to impart inclusion and empathy through experience. By preserving our culture, neighborhoods, and regional legacies into the future, we can revive the human spirit and create a new sense of belonging and community.

This is how we establish Inclusion through technology.

This is how we enhance human connections through technology.

This is how we create new pathways for immersive technology. This is the future of XR.



Preservation Partnership

Pharell Williams Black Ambition Award Finalist

Top 100 Women of the Future


Through XR Preservation, our in-house concept for innovative Immersive technology experiences that bring history and revered personalities to life.

We are bringing virtual reality experiences, interactive augmented reality murals, and immersive footprint projects to our community spaces. Elders, children, youngsters, and others are all welcome to record and recreate the glory of what once was.


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